Summer Reading Programs 2021

It’s time for summer reading!

Join us for our summer reading program May 26 - July 31. This year we'll have two reading programs - one for kids and one for teens/adults - with a theme of "Reading Colors Your World"!


Summer Reading for Kids (Birth-Sixth Grade)

Each participant is invited to fill out a bingo sheet of reading activities. Every bingo you complete will earn you a bead for your brag tag and a raffle ticket (see below) for the end-of-summer prize drawings. Fill out your whole sheet and grab a new one to continue the fun!

This year's summer reading theme is "Reading Colors Your World!" As you fill out your bingo sheet, think about how the book you just read or the activity you just did colored your world. Did you learn about a new place? Did you read about someone whose life is very different from yours? Did you learn a new game? Did you get inspired to make a new craft? 

When you bring in your bingo sheet, tell us what you learned and how reading colored your world this summer!

Raffle Tickets

Each time you complete a bingo, fill out a raffle ticket at the library for a chance to win one of five prizes! Earn raffle tickets all summer; each Bingo will give you another chance at a prize.

Getting Started

1) Register online or at the library for summer reading! Come into the library to pick up your brag tag, bead, and first raffle ticket.

2) Download and print your bingo card below, according to the grade that you are entering.

3) Fill out your bingo sheet of reading activities. Once you get a bingo, bring your bingo sheet into the library for a bead and raffle ticket.

4) Keep reading all summer! When you finish a Bingo card, start another one!

Bingo Cards for June





Summer Reading for Teens/Adults (Seventh Grade and Up)

Make your summer reading count! For every three books you read this summer, fill out an entry form for a chance to win a prize! There will be seven winners.

Submit your raffle entry online, or pick up a paper form at the library. 

This year's summer reading them is "Reading Colors Your World," so why not try something new? Read about other places and other cultures. Or try new cookbooks or books about arts and crafts you've never tried. Maybe step out of your comfort zone and try a new genre. Let the books you read color your world in new ways this summer!