Pick-Up Lockers

You may pick up items without leaving your car by using our pick-up lockers. The lockers are located on the east side of the building, next to the drive-up book returns.

Please note: some items may be too large to fit in the lockers. A staff member will call you if your item(s) will not fit. 

For efficient locker service:

  • Please give us at least 1 hour before closing time to have your items placed in a locker.
  • Please allow 30 minutes from the time you call before attempting to retrieve your items. 
  • Please note that once we have placed your items in a locker, you will have 48 hours to retrieve them. 

To request a locker

  1. Call the library and ask for the items to be checked out to you and placed in a locker. 
  2. Choose a 4-digit access code. 

To retrieve items from a locker

  1. Enter your 4-digit access code into the keypad located beside the lockers. 
    The locker door(s) containing your items will open. 
  2. Remove your items and close the locker door firmly.