Meeting and Study Rooms

The Edgar Meeting Room

  • Seats 65 people in chairs or approximately 45 people at tables. 
  • Includes the following equipment:
    • 65 chairs and 12 tables, all on wheels for easy room arrangement.
    • An A/V system with microphones, a DVD player, and a projector and screen. The library provides cables to connect your laptop to the system.
    • A white board
    • A kitchenette, with microwave, refrigerator, and sink.

The Edgar Room may be used for events sponsored by non-profit groups based in Mahomet Township or with Mahomet Township residents representing a majority of the participants. All meetings must be free and open to the public. The rooms may not be used for private social functions, such as showers or birthday parties. For more information on the use of the Edgar Room, please read our Use of Public Rooms policy on our Library Policies page.

Reserving the Edgar Room

To reserve the Edgar Room, please do one of the following:

The Study Room

  • Seats 6 people.
  • Includes the following equipment:
    • 6 chairs and a worktable
    • White board and markers

The study room may be used by individuals or small groups for quiet work or study. Please read our Use of Public Rooms policy on our Library Policies page for more information on using the study room.

Reserving the Study Room

You can reserve the study room for up to 2 hours at a time by visiting the library or calling us at 586-2611.