Non-Resident Cards

If you do not live in Mahomet Township, you can purchase a non-resident Mahomet Public Library card if both of the following are true:

  • You do not pay property taxes to any other library district AND
  • The Mahomet Public Library is the closest library to your home OR you live in the Mahomet-Seymour school district.

To apply for a non-resident card, please bring the following to the library:

  • A copy of your most recent property tax bill (renters bring a copy of your lease or most recent rent receipt/canceled rent check) AND
  • A photo ID.

Cost of Non-Resident Cards


Because you do not support the library with your property taxes, you will be asked to pay the same amount for your card as you would pay in taxes if you lived in the district. We will multiply the current library tax rate by the taxable value of your home to determine your library card fee.


Renters will be charged the fixed minimum fee, as established annually by the library board of trustees. Please contact the library for the current rates.

Free Cards for Mahomet-Seymour Students and Teachers

Thanks to an inter-governmental agreement between the library and the Mahomet-Seymour school district, free non-resident cards may be issued to:

  • Any school-aged child (aged 3-21) who lives in the Mahomet-Seymour school district, but does not live in any library district.
  • Any Mahomet-Seymour teacher who does not live in any library district.

Free Cards for Property Owners or Commercial Leaseholders

If you do not live in the library district, but you own or lease property in the district, you pay taxes to the library and may therefore receive a free non-resident library card. Each owner or leaseholder may receive a card. Property owners must present the most recent property tax bill and leaseholders must present a copy of the commercial lease.