Mobile Printing

Use Mobile Printing to print to our patron printer:

  • From any computer, tablet, or smartphone

  • From anywhere (inside the library or out) with internet access

How to Use the Mahomet Library Mobile Printing

  1. Click here to visit our Mobile Printing Portal.

  2. Select Black and White or Color

  3. Enter your email address (you will need this later to release the print job).

  4. Select your print job by doing one of the following:

    • Click the Browse button to locate and upload a file from your computer or device OR

    • Enter the URL address of an internet page to print it.

  5. Click the green Print button.

  6. Visit the library to pay for and collect your print out.

Please note: print requests will remain in our print queue for 2 hours. You must visit the library and print your document within that time frame or your document will be deleted from the queue.