De-Stress Your Holidays Webinar Presentation (via Zoom)

November 8, 2020, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

2020 has not been the most relaxing year of our lives and now we face the most stressful time of any year - the holiday season. In addition to the stress that comes with long to-do lists and extra expenses, many of us face family conflicts at the holiday table or we’re affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder as the days get shorter and less sunny. 

What if we could do things differently? What if we could find a way to reduce the stress and even enjoy the season?

Join us for a Zoom webinar with Rachel Kurtz of Kurtz Counseling, LLC.

She’ll help us:

  • Identify the stressors that are making us dread  the coming holidays
  • Use practical techniques for easing the stress and taking care of ourselves
  • Learn how to set healthy boundaries
  • Give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves and say “no” when needed

This is a Zoom webinar; you will only see the presenter, not other participants. You will be able to submit questions during the presentation through the Zoom chat feature. You can also submit questions in advance here.

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