History of COVID-19 in Mahomet Project

We often think of history as events that happened in the past, not remembering that the life events and experiences that we have today, such as our experiences during the COVID-19 outbreak, will also be a part of our history! In an effort to document this important time in our local and world history, the library is collecting stories from Mahomet area residents.

Submissions for this project could include written responses, photos, and videos or audio (no more than 10 minutes in length) sharing your experience over the past several weeks and weeks to come. Some topics to discuss include, but are not limited to, daily routines, thoughts and feelings, your observations, or anecdotal stories. Examples of potential video or photo content include sidewalk drawings, signs, lines outside of stores, or empty parking lots. Consider both out-of-the-ordinary and daily life scenes. Several questions are listed below to get you started and help facilitate ideas. 

Please email all submissions to staff@mahometpubliclibrary.org and include your name and age with your response. You can also mail materials to Mahomet Public Library, 1702 E. Oak St. Mahomet, IL 61853. 

Possible Questions for Discussion (adapted from the Southeast Ohio History Center)

  • Where are you from? Describe the community in which you live, both before and after the outbreak.

  • When did you first hear about COVID-19? What was your first reaction?

  • Did your opinion change once local and federal governments started addressing the outbreak? How?

  • How did businesses, universities, community centers, etc. respond to news of the virus?

  • What unique experiences or observations did you make? (ex: Did you see rushes to the store? Were you in school at the time? How did your friends and family talk about the virus?)

  • How did your place of work respond to the outbreak?

  • How are you/ your loved ones responding to social distancing/ the virus?

  • How has the virus affected your community?

Prompts for Kids

Need some inspiration, ideas, and ways to organize your COVID-19 experiences? Check out these time capsule documents that are especially helpful for kids to record their experiences (but anyone is welcome to use them)!

Time Capsule Documents


Please note: By submitting your response, you give permission to Mahomet Public Library to use the information or pass it on to another historical society. Since we are in the middle of this life-changing event, we are still exploring and planning how to use the information we receive.