Career Resources and Help

Looking for a new job or starting a new career can be stressful and overwhelming, but we are here to help you! All of the resources listed below are available for your use without a library card.

Career Information

DigiLearn: The Public Library Association's online hub for digital literacy support and training

Occupational Outlook Handbook by the US Department of Labor

Illinois Career Information System by the Illinois Department of Employment Security

Illinois Department of Employment Security - IDES  (unemployment) 

Career and Personality Assessments

Career and Resume Resources


Job Search Websites

Illinois Job Link





Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

The Mahomet Public Library has staff members with experience in career services who can assist patrons with:

  • Creating a new resume.
  • Updating or fine-tuning an existing resume.
  • Crafting or editing a cover letter.

If you would like assistance, please contact us at If you have an existing resume and/or cover letter, please include them with your email. We would prefer documents that we can edit (Microsoft Word, Google Docs, etc), but if you only have them in pdf format, that will be fine. One of our staff members will review your materials and provide constructive feedback.