Brian Paragi, Vice President

Brian Paragi was appointed to the board in November 2016 to fill an open seat. He was elected to a full term in April 2017. His term expires in 2021. 

Brian remembers checking out as many books as possible in his grade school library and small town library growing up. He met Philisha, his wife to be, as an undergraduate at Indiana University, where he earned degrees in English and Journalism. Brian and Philisha have been supporters of the local library in nearly every town they have lived in since they married in 1992. He has always wished he could be paid to read, but instead he settles for reading in what spare time he has. He can never decide which book to tackle next, so he is typically working his way through multiple titles simultaneously. Ironically, he is a terribly slow reader, so he borrows library books at a far faster rate than he can read them...too many books and too little time!


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