Announcement May 2018

New Library Policy for High Balance Accounts

Beginning July 1, 2018, the Mahomet Public Library will use Unique Management Services (UMS) to manage delinquent patron accounts. Library trustees did not make this decision lightly, but the accrued total owed to the library, mostly for lost or damaged items, has reached a level that makes it necessary to take this action to steward taxpayer resources properly.

Patron with (a) unpaid charges for lost or damaged items AND (b) total account balances in excess of $25 will be referred to UMS 30 days after the final lost item billing statement from the library. UMS bills the library for each account submitted; therefore, a $10 fee will be added to the patron’s account balance to cover this expense.

Patrons with large fine balances, but no charges for lost or damaged items, will not be referred to UMS.

The library trustees chose UMS for its reputation in working with libraries. Unlike other collection agencies, Unique seeks a collaborative, rather than adversarial, interaction with patrons. Even so, the library would like to work with patrons to avoid the final step of sending their accounts to collections. Patrons who wish to avoid this process and the $10 fee, but cannot pay their balances at this time, may contact Kate Smith, Business Manager, to discuss a payment plan.

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