Voter Registration

You may register to vote at the library. Please bring two forms of identification; one of these must show your current address. For more information about registering to vote, please see the Champaign County Clerk website.

Note: to vote in any election, you must register at least 28 days before the election date.

Registration and Polling Place Information

Check this Illinois State Board of Elections site to find out

  • Where you are registered
  • Where you go to vote
  • All of your voting districts

Election Information

The Champaign County Clerk website has election information for Champaign County, including a full sample ballot. This ballot has all districts covered by Champaign County. If you do not know your districts, use the Illinois State Board of Elections site.

Those living in Mahomet Township are covered by

  • US Congressional District 15
  • State Senate District 51
  • State House District 101
  • County Board District 1

Absentee and Early Voting

If you will not be able to visit your polling place on Election Day, you may vote early. For voting dates and other information about absentee voting, including how to vote by mail, please see the Champaign County Clerk's Absentee Voting Information .

There are several locations through the county were voters may vote early. For a complete list of locations, dates, and times, please see the Champaign County Clerk's Early Voting Information .

Local Election Results

Local Election Results are posted online at the following sites:
Champaign County Clerk

Information on Politicians

League of Women Voters Candidates that will be on your ballot information and key issues. Accuracy of candidate statements. Background, views, votes, and campaign contributors for current office holders. Campaign finance laws and who is donating to whom.